King Pharakh the Vain

King Pharakh the Vain

The Endless Deserts are home to many kings and princes. Mighty lords of undeath who require absolute obedience from all of their vassals. Some rule over but a single tomb complex, lone pyramids amongst the dunes, while others hold court over an entire necropolis, sprawling mazes of temples, pyramids, and catacombs. Some even hold sway over multiple cities,often taken by force from their counterparts.

No one king can claim dominion over the rest, their tremendous hubris too much for any one individual to master. King Phrarkh the Vain though is certainly both feared and respected by the others. A ruler of tremendous might, his necropolis dwarfs others in the realm. A city of towering obelisks, mammoth pyramids, and colossal statues all guarded by his fearsome deathrattle legions and hordes of reanimants. Many rival kings have challenged him and been crushed by his army’s might in return, their cities and military might subsumed into Pharakh’s own, or forced to pay a heavy tribute. It was Pharakh who quelled the Orruk incursion into the Pharaonic Badlands when all else fell before the rampaging horde. Over one thousand chariots met the Orruk boar riders upon the open plains in a battle said to have lasted for seven days, before a contingent of reanimant constructs including a megalith colossus smote the remaining greenskins beneath their stone shod skin.

It was he who held the expansion of the Bétone at bay. Phalanxes of spears and swords met the heavy calvary charge of the free peoples with shields planted, blunting their momentum. A large group of tomb guard led by Prince Ptramose counter charging into the stalled knights, scything them down like chaff. The defeated mortals were forced back behind the walls of their fortress city with Pharakh hot on their heels. As he stood before the gates marshaling his army’s strength they sued for peace rather then allow him the time to position his catapults for the inevitable siege. He only relented after the lords of the city surrendered their first born children, depriving the city of its next generation of leaders.

It was Pharakh who personally led the charge against the Rotbringer warlord Bilespurt and his grand coalition of Chaos tribes. The Nurgle war host was crushed between the unstoppable might of the king’s chariots and the heavy cavalry of his herald amongst the World Ribs, effectively stopping the uprising before it could gather enough might to truly challenge the kings.

His martial might is unquestioned amongst the kingdoms of the Endless Deserts, but he is much more than that to many of his fellow kings. Though they may covet his power, and envy his status, he represents a rare beacon of hope. To some he calls to mind a great king of old, the only one of their kind who had been able to unite the warring factions and stand defiant before Nagash.

Pharakh shuns such a mantle, either unwilling to shoulder the responsibility or thinking himself unworthy to honor the memory. For now he marches forth with his deathrattle legions in tow, crushing all opposition before him with the names of long dead gods upon his lips. His domains ever expanding as the Age of Sigmar rolls on. It is his will, and the will of all of the kings that the Endless Deserts be the sole dominion of the royal dead. The taint of Chaos eradicated from the sands, and all others subjugated or destroyed.