The Imperishable One

The Imperishable One

The Endless Deserts are an ancient land and it's legends are many and varied, befitting of a land with such an illustrious history. There is the tale of King Kuushar who single handily bested the dread demon prince La'kerth the Vile in single combat, breaking the Chaos horde's spirit and stymying the abyssal invasion before it spread within the desert's boundaries. The Jade Kingdoms of Luxair also hold a place amongst the annals of history, their chariot legions cleansing the Cryptonic Lowlands of the many Orruk tribes who threatened the nearby necropolises in a single night of bloodshed. There is even talk of the mysterious unknown Liche Priest who was able to tame the mythic Hieroscorpion that roams the open dunes, for awhile at least.

One legend stands above all others though. A legend that stretches back to the time before time, to the World-that-Was. He goes by many names, The Imperishable One, The Defier, Khemrikhara, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Deserts, Great Hawk of the Heavens, and more still that if recorded would fill volumes untold. To those whose lineage stretches back beyond memory he was known as Settra, king of all of Nehekhara, a land that itself is now but a myth. It is said in life the kingdoms prospered like they never had before and never would again. In death his reign was mightier still. All of the deserts monarchs of the World-that-Was bent their knee to him lest they face his wrath and a fate worse than death. It is said that he was the only one who was able to defy the great Usurper, Nagash, and send him fleeing before his might. That was, of course, until The End, the unknown calamity that tore the World-that-Was apart. In hushed whispers it is suggested that Settra was unable to defeat the Usurper. That unwilling to bend his own knee in supplication, the Great Necromancer tore him apart, and with his death so died the world. Others say that Settra can never truly die, and whatever fate befell that doomed world, he survived, living up to his name. Yet others claim that he turned to darker powers to gain what he needed to defeat Nagash, although few believe this. Whatever the case may be, what is known is that The Imperishable One himself was gone, lost to the mists of time.

To many of the younger kings he is nothing but a myth. A legend created by those too scared of Nagash and too proud to serve. However, there are those still ruling who know that he was no more a myth then the Usurper himself. Little hope is held out for his return by anyone, seeing him as the last great hope, and the last great failure of the desert monarchs. During the closing years of the Age of Myth a powerful new religion formed calling itself the Cult of Settra. Comprised of fanatics and demagogues they claimed that The Imperishable One still walked amongst the Mortal Realms. The cult quickly spread, establishing a foothold in the city of Settrapolis, and wringing its way into the other necropolises. The priests and kings of the cult would often send out expeditionary armies to scour the Mortal Realms for their lost savior. Thus did an age of expansion and conquest begin as the Deathrattle Legions poured through distant realmgates into all of the realms, searching for any sign of  the figure of their devotion.

After the fall of Settrapolis during the Age of Chaos the cult disbanded, its members fleeing or killed. There are still those who fervently believe in the return of The Imperishable One though, clinging to their faith with all of their might. Shunned by many of the kings, they are forced to wander the deserts with their dwindling skeletal legions. They alone amongst the monarchies of the desert are known to raid the ruins of Settrapolis in search of relics from their past. It is not unknown for settlements of other races amongst the realms to come under surprise attack by half mad liche priests at the head of a war torn army, only for them to disappear as quickly as they arrived. Whatever goal they hoped to achieve known only to them.

As the Age of Sigmar dawns across Shyish there are hushed whispers of Settra' return, for hope can breed such folly even amongst the dead. With the tides of Chaos breaking upon the bulwark of Sigmar's forces, many of the kings see this as an ideal time to throw off the yoke of Nagash's tyranny. Priests point to portents that hint at a great tipping point fast approaching for the desert kingdoms. Surely a sign of The Imperishable One's return they say, while others dismiss it as merely a fool's notion. For hope can only lead to despair and disappointment. These kings find strength within themselves and proudly proclaim that they need no ruler to bend their knee to for help. Whatever the truth may be, there is one thing everyone can agree upon; Settra's return would indeed usher in a new age for the desert monarchs and their domains. Whether this would be for good or ill though, none can say.