Queen Sati's Legion

Queen Sati is rightfully feared across the kingdoms of the Endless Deserts for her ruthlessness and efficiency. It was Sati who turned aside the great Ogor migration that threatened many necropolises as well as her who took the head of the feared Chaos warlord, Pugath the Foul. She has a particular hatred of vampires and after several of Nagash's envoys failed to return from her court a great many of the Soulblighted now refuse to pay visit. 

Despite much interest from lesser kings and princes, she takes no husband and has violently rejected many of the suitors that attempt to court her hand in marriage. Those that retain their heads often find themselves in her service, such as King Paru, some willingly, others forcibly.

As the Age of Sigmar dawns across the realms Sati sits patiently, awaiting the coming storm, for it is not in her nature to react foolishly, but to march when the time suits her needs. 

Models converted and painted by Vincent Venterulla

Tomb Queen Sati 

Tomb Queen Sati

Queen Sati's Court

Tomb King Paru

Tomb King

Tomb Prince 

Tomb Guard

Necropolis Knights




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