What Are the Endless Deserts?

The Endless Deserts are an area within the realm of Shyish controlled by the ancient and arrogant Tomb Kings. It was created by myself, Tyler Mengel of Mengel Miniatures, as a setting for my Tomb King army to live in and thrive. It has also been a collaboration with the talented artist Kenneth Erikson, who has done all of the traditional illustrations you see. At the launch of the Age of Sigmar(AoS) the Tomb Kings had no definitive background or place amongst the Mortal Realms. Wanting to create stories and bring some character to my force, I created the Endless Deserts. Within the almost limitless sandbox of the Mortal Realms it's easy enough to carve out your own section without it interfering or contradicting the main storyline.

The setting began as a simple backdrop to a set of Time of War rules which you can now find within the Unofficial Battletome. This was quickly followed by a Battleplan which had a small bit of narrative in it that mentioned Lord-Celestant Nihlus Tidalborne and his quest to seek aid from the enigmatic desert kings. This little bit of lore then spiraled into an ever expanding story and setting. In preparation for Adepticon 2016 I created a mini battletome of sorts (also on this site) which further expanded upon the Endless Deserts themselves and the Tomb Kings who make it home, and finally culminating in the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome, a 100+ page book for the Tomb Kings within Age of Sigmar.

The Tomb Kings still exist within the Mortal Realms, and have been mentioned at least twice in official GW publications and the Endless Deserts and this website are here to continue to provide support to the Tomb King community within AoS. The Endless Deserts are by no means meant to be the only domain of the Tomb Kings, for the realms are vast and nearly limitless, but it is meant to provide a refuge for those who want to stake a claim amongst the sprawling necropolises of the dunes. It is not only the dead who make it home, but numerous Chaos war bands, rampaging Orruk tribes, Duardin strongholds, Ogor migrations, Free Peoples bastions, and pretty much anything you can think of. Although the fact that the dead outnumber the living is undisputed, the inhabitants of the sprawling deserts remain diverse.

This site will be continually updated as new content is created so be sure to check back for new updates and if you want to help contribute you can find a link for that above in the navigation.

I hope that you enjoy your stay within the Endless Deserts, but travellers beware, death awaits all who enter this realm and many who enter may find themselves trapped within the shifting dunes for eternity...