Welcome to the Endless Deserts wary traveller! This website is home to the realm claimed by the Tomb Kings within Shyish. This is also home to the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome for Age of Sigmar, which you can find under the Battletome tab at the top. There has also been an FAQ for it since the General Handbook 2017 came out which is located under the same tab.

You can also find several army galleries, helpful painting tutorials, and a detailed map. This map is only a small fraction of the Endless Deserts, but it's where our story starts, so look for this to expand in the future as more of the deserts are explored. There will be periodic updates to the site as new content is created. I hope you enjoy your stay within the desert monarch's domains and if you would like to contribute content at all in any way you can find the contact page up top.

- Tyler Mengel