The Legions of Khahara

Far from the familiar desert stands Khahara. Nestled in between the cold shoulders of the Desert’s Spine, she is a haunted fortress amongst glittering ruins. Once a simple outpost at the edges of another city’s realm, Khahara fought more wars in a year than most cities fought in a man’s lifetime. As the fortress waged eternal wars on Orruks, Ogors, Duardin and other creatures, she grew. Wealth from many conquests flooded the fortress, and in it’s shadow grew the city. Trade and conquest were it’s trades, and there was plenty of both. Soon the other princes and kings asked for mercenaries from Khahara’s veterans, and paid hefty bounties of gold for them. 

At the dawn of the Age of Chaos, Khahara stood as a city of conquered wealth and veteran soldiery. Perhaps this is why the scions of the dark gods so valued the city. Few cities of the Endless Deserts were so accessible, requiring neither long trecks across blistering deserts nor endless harassment from swift chariots and horse riders. Few cities were so well known for it’s skill at arms. For long ages of endless war, Khahara fought. 

The glory of the city could not last. Even as the Blood God’s followers raged against the walls of the city, the deceitful followers of Tzeench worked from within. In a day and night of terrible slaughter, the city was sacked. All who lived within the outer city were slaughtered. Mindless bloodshed and dark rituals were enacted in every street. Only in the old fortress did the defenders hold fast. A terrible decision was made behind those walls. Sacrifice the city. Only when the followers of different gods turned on each other would the defenders have the strength to defeat them. So it was that the city fell, and it’s people slaughtered. As the new age begins, ancient hatred stirs in the ruins of Khahara, and in the ancient fortress at its heart. 

The Legion marches once more to war.

Models and lore by Alexander Nygård

Tomb King on Chariot

Tomb King

Liche Priest


Bone Giant



Screaming Skull Catapult